Why work with us

  • By outsourcing, the costs associated with in-house accounting & payroll department (salaries, bonuses, permanent training, office and IT equipment, software licenses) will be reduced.
  • Ensight takes over all tax risks related to transactions processing, interpretation of laws, as well as the time-consumming relationship with Romanian tax authorities. An insurance policy with a coverage of EUR 500.000 is concluded yearly by Ensight Finance for covering professional risks.
  • Services are rendered by experienced consultants able to provide integrated financial services for small, medium or large companies from Romania or abroad.
  • Ensight consultants are fluent in at least one foreign language, ensuring communication with Parent companies or other Group companies from abroad.
  • The services are integrated, eliminating the problems related to partial outsourcing of financial services to different suppliers strictly specialized in one field (only tax, or only payroll).
  • Partial outsourcing triggers higher costs as it requires additional working time for overall reconciliations and transfer of data among different service providers for the same process.
  • Eliminates the activity blocking following the leave of a key employee from the financial department.
  • It involves the transfer of know-how towards Client employees if such internal staff exists at the Client.
  • We provide full range of financial and tax advisory services, as well as compliance services tailored to clients’ needs: